SCT iCalc is used to assist judges in determining Standard Course Times (SCT) for USDAA courses where classes are measure on basis of faults.

After the course yardage is determined, select the class and then enter the yardage. From here use the slider to determine if the course is technical (lower end of SCT) or open and flowing (higher end of SCT) or anywhere in between. The yardage is divided by the slider value and the Standard Course Time is determined. For validation, the yardage is then divided by the SCT to confirm the Yards Per Second (YPS) is still within a valid range.

This application is not just for judges, it can also be used by handlers and trainers to assist them in their training goals. As a handler or trainer you can determine acceptable time ranges to complete sequences or whole courses.


* Visual notification if calculated YPS falls outside of range.

* On the Calculate view, shake to reset the variables.

* Internal links to email Support or the SCT iCalc website.


Step #1:

When the program first opens, the user is brought to the Calculation View. From here, the user selects the class using the picker and chooses either the Calculate or Table View.

Step #2:

From the Calculate View, the user enters the yardage and then taps the background to remove the keyboard. The range sliders are preset to the middle of the range and the Standard Course Time (SCT) and Yards Per Second (YPS) are calculated. The user at this time can move the slider to a slower or faster position to calculate a different SCT. If the YPS fall outside of an acceptable range, the display highlights with a red background with yellow text to indicate a warning. By adjusting the slider or yardage can bring the value back within an acceptable range.

If the user decides to reset all the values, all that is required is shake the device to reset.

The Table View, lists the SCT Ranges in table format as it appears in the current rules.

At any time, going back to the Class View and picking a different class will also reset the values on the Calculate View.

SCT iCalc is written and supported by K-9 Athletes:

         K-9 ATHLETES

August 31, 2010 - Version 1.2
Slider values persist when returning to Calculate view.

If Yards are cleared by entering field again, then SCT and YPS are also cleared.

August 20, 2010 - Version 1.1
Shake to reset moves sliders back to middle position on Calculate view.

Duplicate 16" yardage to 12" yardage on Calculate view when 12" yardage is currently empty.

August 18, 2010 - Version 1.0

Email Support:
    mike at k9athletes dot com